Litigation Support


Applied Economics provides expert witness testimony, economic analyses, and other litigation-related services for clients in a wide variety of industries. The firm has extensive experience in antitrust, intellectual property, and economic damages matters. We provide assistance with matters before state and federal courts, arbitration panels related to complex commercial litigation, and mediation proceedings.


Economic and Financial Analysis


Applied Economics assists clients with economic and financial questions in a variety of non-litigation settings as well. These services vary significantly from project to project and tap the extensive range of experience of principals, senior economists, and academic affiliates. Examples of past assignments include:


-  Assisting clients in the telecommunications industry with analyses of strategic opportunities presented by anticipated removal of existing regulatory constraints.


-  Providing a client in an unregulated business with analysis of the effects of possible future regulation.


-  Conducting basic and complex forecasting research to provide a client with a model to predict financial distress and bankruptcy in publicly traded companies.


-  Analysis of pending tax legislation on a client industry group.


Business Management and Strategic Consulting


Applied Economics provides traditional management consulting services. These include strategy development and assessment, organizational restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, and divestitures. We provide experienced professionals with strong support teams, specifically assembled for each client, to create innovative solutions and assist in implementation of those solutions.


IP Marketing Advisory Practice


The IP Market Advisory Practice (IPMAP) at Applied Economics Consulting Group, Inc. is the firm’s intellectual property (IP) transaction and monetization service division. Developed out of the firm’s outstanding quality in serving IP industry over the past 20 years, the team designs and implements strategies to promote technology diffusion and monetize IP assets. Our business model has always been guided by our philosophy as a leading player in the IP market, which consists of:


-  Promoting innovation and technology transfer;


-  Compensating R&D performers and inventors;


-  Rewarding investors and commercializers.